We are a mailorder nursery based in Lahore-Pakistan.We offer over 200 varieties of Daylily,Adenium and Gerbera.We are also offering other rare plants like Vigna Caracalla,Mucuna Sempervirens,Clematis,Allium,Aristolochia Gigantea etc for sale.We love to collect rare plants and we’ll keep sharing them with you.Keep checking with us often,we’ll keep adding up to our list.We are currently in progress of stocking Adenium, Daylily, Bulbs,Rare and African Bulbs,Trees, Seeds, Clematis, Blue Amaryllis,African Bulbs,Proteas,Akebia Longracemosa,Kiwi Fruit Vines and much more.Stay Tuned..


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Email: info@plants.com.pk