Quince Pineapple -EZ Pick

Availability: March to Jun | Price Rs: 7000

Smooth,large and with golden yellow skin.Good for pie filling and for cooking.Also good for jelly and candies.This one is very good for fresh eating.Heavy producer and self fertile.Mature height is about 12-15 feet.

Availability: January 2015

Zone: 7-10

What is EZ Pick ? Why plant fruit trees that get so huge that you need ladders to climb onto to get your fruit ? You are most probably not a commercial grower and you are looking to plant a tree for your garden. Why allow huge trees to get your grass ruined when all this can be avoided with our EZ-Pick Varieties ?A standard fruit tree will grow to 30 ft so why not plant a tree that grows to a mature height of 8-10 ft with most of the fruit at your picking range of 4-7ft. EZ-Pick has been introduced by our supplier in the USA with very low branching structure giving you a fruit tree that you can keep contained to fit your comfort zone.They also give you a chance to put in 3-4 trees of different varieties in place of one standard fruit tree.

Note: All Fruit trees are sold as grafted plants mostly 4-6 ft tall.


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  • khalid bashir / April 4, 2015 at 5:33 pm

    hi, i want to the price of tis plant
    your early reply will be highly appreciate thanks


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